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For the detailed list of pieces replaced , see our vintage classic model.

STEP 1 : Finding the pearl

The first step is to search for Defender vehicles that are over 25 years old. We find them on farms, lots where businesses are no longer running… Our passionate specialists travel across countries in order to find canvases in the best possible shape.

We typically inspect 6 to 8 vehicles for every one we buy, ensuring the vehicles are sound both structurally, and mechanically. Most of our pearls are from North Africa and the Middle East, as they are usually without rust and in their original configuration as required by US customs. We have a minimum stock policy of 10 cars available to select from for your build.

As we have and store more cars than needed for our restoration , do not hesitate to contact us and we can deliver one to you being part of the amazing Defender Community. You will get the best ones as we have to completely restore us anyway.

STEP 2 : Restoration

Trucks go through a complete and full restoration from A to Z. Trucks are professionally sand blasted, powder coated and repainted on all sides with an obsession for detail. Trucks are completely reassembled down to their basis, nothing is left untouched. Chassis is coated, several coats of primer are applied, waxoil treatment is administered.

STEP 3 : Engine upgrade

Engine, gearbox and all mechanical parts are also fully disassembled and rebuilt. Some upgrade are available like engine/gearbox conversion, off-road suspension tire pressure, systems, etc.. In case of engine upgrade, gearbox and transmissions are upgraded with a two-year or 50,000 miles GM factory warranty. Chassis is reinforced. Different engine types are available: Cummings R2.8 with ZF8HP70 transmission, GM LS3 engine with automatic transmission.

STEP 4 : Configure

All body, panels are stripped down to bare minimum. All body, glassworks and interior are completely reassembled. New lights all around, and new parts, all Land Rover originals. Fully-customizable paint color and interior color.

STEP 5 : Interior

Confort is a must so a wide variety of finishings are available. From the finest leather to the biggest technical fabrics and canvas each cabin and soft top is stitched to perfection.

STEP 6 : Quality control

A certificate of authenticity is issued to ensure the company’s quality criteria have been met, with inspection on more than 360 points. A test drive in hard conditions is completed and a technical official state certificate is issued. All vehicles comply with DOT and EPA regulations. We always recommend a vehicle survey prior to purchase by your specialist, and we can direct you to several local specialists, who can prepare an independent report if requested.

Our worldwild partners perform their own quality control and will issue local US warranty and support applicable to all states.


STEP 7 : Shipping, delivery and after sales support

We will provide a US title for your Own Defender


We take care of all the shipping and logistic costs and help you with all administrative steps like DMV applications with our certificate of approval and 25-year-old Land Rover authenticity certificate. This certifies that the vehicle you purchased is 100 % legal, adding security to your investment. We stock vehicles in the US and Europe.

At OWN DEFENDER we provide our clients with the following documents to enable smooth titling process and for you personal records of your investment :

  • Completed and stamped (or paperless) customs form 7501. Entry summary (custom clearance)
  • Form 3461. Entry/Immediate delivery document.
  • Form HS7. DOT entry document is the NHTSA entry document for customs.
  • Form EPA 3520-1 : is the EPA entry document for customs.
  • Stamped date of build certificate from Land Rover in Birmingham England (Certifying the VIN and vehicle date of build)
  • Certificate of road worthiness issued by European community state. This certificate display the VIN of the vehicle.
  • European community state original pinkslip and its certify translation in English approved by US customs.
  • DMV document : Final bill of sale from OWN DEFENDER to the new owner in the USA, VIN inspection certificate.