Does Own Defender offer warranty?

OWN DEFENDER does offer general warranty on the vehicles for one year. The vehicles are sold as is and sales are final. We work tirelessly to restore them and make sure to include you in the process by sharing pictures and details of progress.  We are committed to providing you a vehicle in excellent if not improved condition both aesthetically and mechanically.

Please note that a 3-year GM Factory Warranty is included in the LS3 Corvette engine upgrade.

Can I get a brand new Land Rover Defender from overseas?

Unfortunately, no. All Defender vehicles crossing the US border must be classified an antique, which requires the vehicle to be at least 25 years old. At OWN DEFENDER we are committed to protecting your investment and do not stray from this rule.

Why are OWN DEFENDERS so expensive?

First, quite simply the basic laws of supply & demand. Defender vehicles are quite rare on US soil, so clients are willing to invest to obtain the vehicle of their dreams. Second, the OWN DEFENDER process allows us to drastically upgrade while respecting the aesthetic and charm of these legendary vehicles. Striking that balance takes time and money.

What are the main issues with Defenders?

Most complaints reported about Defenders are related to rust. The OWN DEFENDER renovation process involves taking the car apart from A to Z and restoring -sometimes reinforcing- everything from the frame. Any rust is thus purged and then if our specialists determine there is a weak spot, it is then reinforced. Please refer to About Us page for pictures and further explanation.

Can I obtain a title/register a Defender in my state?

Every state has different title and registration requirements. It is best to check with your local laws for the last updated specific information. Federally, for imports, vehicles over 25 years old are NHTSAV and DOT exempt, and vehicles over 21 years old in original configuration are EPA exempt. We will provide a US title.

You can easily register your OWN DEFENDER vehicle with the paperwork you will receive from us, please see our page on our process for more information. Residents of California require additional certifications, please see our page dedicated to this topic for more information

I didn’t get a US title with my car. What do you provide?

We usually provide all vehicles with a US title. If you are in hurry and did not give us the time to title your vehicle, we will provide you with all the necessary documents to title the car yourself (see the page dedicated to our process for more information).

Can you help me with title and registration in California?

Yes, we can take care of this process for you. Please see our dedicated “California Title” page for more information.

With whom can I insure my Own Defender vehicle?

Every company handles insurance differently. Where you live, how long you have been driving and the value of your vehicle will all be factors to insure your vehicle, as for used cars. It is best to contact your insurance company directly to find out how they will handle your vehicle.