Designed by you

Designed by you

Become your own Defender designer with our bespoke offer, which gives you the opportunity and freedom to express yourself however you wish. Share your unique design with your friends, family, and entourage!

Do you have a specific vision you want to come to light ? Do you simply want to show off a one-of-a-kind creation ? If so, a bespoke OWN DEFENDER is the choice for you.

Our in-house engineers and designers will work to understand your vision and will guide you through all the possibilities to tailor your dream vehicle. From the engine to color and type of stitching on the interior upholstery, every component of your Defender is customizable. The only limit will be your imagination!

Start your design by choose between a D90, a D110, or a 130. Be the man behind the brand and explore the timeless craftsmanship behind these powerful machines.

Our bespoke offer lets you design a completely custom vehicle. Your features will depend on the choices you make along the process

  • Month 1 : Choose your body style, two-door short chassis D90 or four-door long chassis D110 or D130.  From there select a canvas from our available stock or search and rescues.

  • Month 2 : Choose your power design and your interior layout, options range from 2 to 9 seats. This is needed quickly as chassis will need to be reinforced. Disassembly is started and completed, along with first round of quality control.

  • Month 3 : Choose your color, options range from any Land Rover existing specs to a color of your choosing. Steps completed: sandblasting, powder coating, body work, panel and frame, preliminary paint.

  • Month 4 : Choose your interior design. Steps completed: power and mechanics, upholstery, paint completion, trim, electric.

  • Month 5 : Choose your custom features. Final assembly of interior and exterior parts.

  • Month 6 : Apply your final touches….. Quality control, one-day test drive, completion, shipping, and delivery.

    We are committed to guiding and keeping you informed throughout the entire process.

    Once your vehicle is ready we will offer a 6-month total warranty as well as lifetime support for upgrades in your design.


Do you want some modifications or need a custom build vehicle ?

Don't hesitate to contact us ! We can create the defender you imagine in your dream.